Talk Talk Only...

Yoga Gear – Yoga Mat Carriers (Face-Off)

Talk Talk Only...

Yoga Gear – Yoga Mat Carriers (Face-Off)

This post will be interesting… I am no expert in Yoga but being a Design Engineer by training, I can spot a well-conceived product design a mile away!

Hence, I decided to write this post to face-off two highly-rated Yoga Mat Carriers sold on Amazon US while waiting for their stock to arrived into Singapore.

BUBM Carrier 1
BUBM Yoga Mat Carrier – Pre-Order @ S$39.95

This lightweight yoga carrier was designed with every yoga practitioners in mind, creativity modelled to be extremely portable based on user experiences.

You can house a yoga mat, your yoga wear, mobile devices, wallet and other belongings!

✓AWESOME DESIGN – It holds yoga clothing, accessories and personal items in a unique way that actually lets you carry more stuff in a sleek, ridiculously practical bag that’s actually smaller than your mat!

✓SEPARATE STORAGE SPACES – Separate storage spaces include clothing section, yoga mat sling, 2 divided cargo pockets, zippered phone and ID pocket, also bottle caddy. You don’t have to worry about trying to shove a wet sticky mat into a tight bag or carrying extra items elsewhere. There are easy access pockets on the side of the bag

✓SUPER DURABLE – Micro ballistic exterior and smooth nylon lining materials are super-durable, stain- and water-resistant. No cheap zippers, stitching, or cheap material.

✓FITS ANY YOGA MAT – Ideal for extra long, pro-type/extra thick and large yoga mats.

✓PERFECT TO CARRY ALL YOGA EQUIPMENT – This pretty and easy to carry, BUBM will make every eye look as you walk to your yoga studio. And everyone will keep complimenting you on your beautiful bag. So, get it soon!

BUBM Carrier 6

Rated:  5/5 Stars


Sunshine Carrier 1
Sunshine Yoga Mat Carrier – Pre-Order @ S$39.95

The All-in-One Yoga Bag helps you stay organised

Large Front Foam Pocket: This pocket is perfect for your other Yoga accessories, makeup, keys and other things you love having with you at the Yoga Studio

Headset Ready Foam Phone Pocket: Connect your earphones and enjoy your favourite music in the way to the Yoga studio while keeping your smartphone inside the safe pocket

Bottle Holder Pocket: Easy to access adjustable bottle holder can carry you favourite water/smoothy recipient

Back Pocket: Small back pocket ideally for cards or cash.

Clothing Pocket: Helps you keep your changing clothes nice and neat due to its full yoga bag size

Sunshine Yoga Carrier 7 Sunshine Yoga Mat 8 Sunshine Yoga Mat 9

Rated:  5/5 Stars

Verdict: Both carriers are highly versatile and feels great showing them off! Haha.  However, my personal vote goes to Sunshine as its uses velcro to secure the mat which is simply too cool!

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