What do you need to make a 15cm doll?

Hair & skin
I use velboa plush fabric, 5mm thickness for the hair and 1.5-2mm thickness for the skin.

I bought 0.5kg of polyester stuffing and you can make many dolls out from 0.5kg!

Embroidery hoop is a must for doing embroidery on the face and even for small details like patterns on the body.

I use white nylon thread for sewing the body. And embroidery threads (you will need more than 2 colors!) for the face and patterns on the body.

Needles. I use the tiniest needle in this blue round box for the embroidery.

Water soluble paper is a must for me to draw eyes, mouth. You can tear it easily from the stitches. I will show it to you in later posts.

Scissors & thread snipper for trimming fabric and cutting thread.

Thread picker/seam ripper is extremely useful when you want to re-do your stitches.

Heat erasable fabric pen (高温消失笔) is used to draw on the fabric and water soluble paper. I prefer using heat erasable pen to water soluble pen as I try not to let my doll (during production) to get in contact with water.

Lastly, templates. I drew and cut out my templates on unused plastic files. I will show you the dimensions in later posts. Remember to leave 0.4cm-0.5cm sewing allowance after you have traced the shapes!

~Pinkmoon Crafts


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