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De-Skin A Leather Jacket – Tutorial

Leather Jacket Fish Lennon Commando Fishmonger

You may be wondering why a leather jacket fish is called a Leather Jacket. You will have your question answered by watching this video:

#CommandoFishmonger, Mr. Lennon Ang, will show you how it is done.

#Wikipedia – The leather jacket fish or leather jack, is a species of jack in the family Carangidae. The Carangidae is a family of fish which includes the jacks, pompanos, jack mackerels, runners, and scads. The largest leather jack is about a foot long. Its length averages about 3.5 times the width.

Did you know?  Leather jacks live in shallow waters of the Gulf of Mexico and southern Atlantic coast. Also, it is found in Australian waters, in the Pacific and Indian Oceans. All leather jacks species have no scales and are covered in a leather-like skin or jacket!

The texture of the fish is firm, comes in thick chunks of meat which don’t contain small bones. It’s very affordable for home cooking.