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Lennon’s Seafood – New Order Placement & Payment (for Market Singapore customers)

Leather Jacket Fish Lennon Commando Fishmonger

Dear Market Singapore Customers,
To improve your ordering experience, we have developed a new order placement and payment process. After some major fine-tuning, you can now order via your smartphone without losing any cashback or Internet Business Volume (IBV).

Once you have placed your order via WhatsApp Chat with our friendly fishmonger, Mr. Lennon Ang, you can pay via E-cash (PayLah or PayNow) or PayPal or Credit Card (via SmoovPay).

You will need two required details to be entered into the product page:

1. Order Details
Cuttlefish 1.57kgx13=$20.30 (4 pcs)
2 pkt Lala = $10 ($5/pkt)
2 pkt scallop = $70 ($35/pkt)
Batang 1.04kgx25=$Ang Goli 1.7kgx27=$45.90

2. Total Price (in S$)

Once you have keyed in the two required order details, you can proceed to checkout via any of the three payment modes.

Here’s a short video on how to make payment for your order:

Fishy Business – Lunar New Year 2019

Red Grouper 红石班

These are some of the fishes and seafood available @ Lennon’s Seafood. As we pace closer towards the lunar new year on 5th Feb 2019, pricing on some of these seafood catch will fluctuate more violently that the stock markets. Please place your orders early to avoid disappointment.

Here are some fish recommendations for Steamboat:

  • Red snapper
  • White snapper
  • Batang
  • Seabass

If you are craving for a reunion dinner with Steamboat, you can also check out this blog post on 7 locations for awesome Steamboat dinner by –

Have a prosperous Chinese New Year ahead!

Zodiac, Holiday, Greeting and Celebration

Did You Know? RabbitFish is a Must-Have for Chinese New Year!

Rabbitfish CNY must have

There are a bunch of “must-dos” during Chinese New Year and this is something i personally did not know of until Mrs. #CommandoFishmonger sent me a picture of a commonly available fish, the RabbitFish.

Easily found from the West Pacific to the Eastern shores of the Indian Ocean, the RabbitFish measures about 15-20cm long and are eaten regularly by locals in Singapore. Very popular among Teochews, the fish is usually served steamed with ginger strips and Hua Diao wine. 

During Chinese New Year, serving the RabbitFish for reunion dinner is especially popular. I was told that for only a few days in a year, the rabbit fish sold in local markets are full of creamy roe or milt (fish semen). This is the period when the RabbitFish get ready to spawn and loses the bitter taste in their stomach. It is believed that eating the rabbit fish when its stomach is full of roe or milt is a sign of prosperity.

Want to have a year of Wealth Abundance? Order yours at Lennon’s Seafood today!

Catch of the Day – Guess the Ugly Fish

the ugly fish

Can you name the fish in the image above? According to Mrs. #CommandoFishmonger, this is the ugliest fish on her menu. However, the meat of this fish is amazing!

Every morning, our friendliest fishmonger, Mr. Lennon Ang, a.k.a. The Commando Fishmonger, will head to the fishery port to select his catch. At Lennon’s Seafood, only the freshest and best quality seafood will be brought back to his stall at Blk 4A Jalan Batu #02-12, Singapore 432004.

If you are looking for the freshest and best quality seafood, look no further!

De-Skin A Leather Jacket – Tutorial

Leather Jacket Fish Lennon Commando Fishmonger

You may be wondering why a leather jacket fish is called a Leather Jacket. You will have your question answered by watching this video:

#CommandoFishmonger, Mr. Lennon Ang, will show you how it is done.

#Wikipedia – The leather jacket fish or leather jack, is a species of jack in the family Carangidae. The Carangidae is a family of fish which includes the jacks, pompanos, jack mackerels, runners, and scads. The largest leather jack is about a foot long. Its length averages about 3.5 times the width.

Did you know?  Leather jacks live in shallow waters of the Gulf of Mexico and southern Atlantic coast. Also, it is found in Australian waters, in the Pacific and Indian Oceans. All leather jacks species have no scales and are covered in a leather-like skin or jacket!

The texture of the fish is firm, comes in thick chunks of meat which don’t contain small bones. It’s very affordable for home cooking.