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Super Comfy 3-ply Disposable Surgical Masks! – Made in Singapore

Talk Talk Only...

Super Comfy 3-ply Disposable Surgical Masks! – Made in Singapore

Was recently recommended these by my friend, Tendy Tsai.

In the beginning, I thought it was just like any of those disposable masks sold online. Honestly, the masks didn’t look any different from those my wife bought from Guardian or those online resellers on Lazada. Boy, was I wrong…

Anti-Fog 3ply 30pcs - Vibrante

Tendy is a good friend who happened to be one of the Top 100 Golf Coaches in the world. A very humble individual who enjoyed “kopi-time” with his friends and always open to share his wealth of knowledge in golf, fitness training, and business building. He is also the founder of Tendy Golf Academy.

Tendy invited me for “kopi” a few days ago to catch-up; we could have met up even more often if not for the COVID-19 situation. You see, Tendy and I were also Spartan Race regulars and we fancied overseas races so much that we travelled across the causeway to race at least twice a year before COVID.

On this occasion, not only did he buy me “kopi”, he gave a box of surgical mask to try.

3ply 50 pcs 2
• BFE ( Bacteria Filtration Efficiency ) > 99% • Hydrophobic • Hypoallergenic • Firm and flexible nose bridge • Soft and comfortable elastic ear loops

Can you guess what was the first question I had in mind when I saw the box?
> Did Stark Enterprise produce these?

Now, I truly respect Tendy for his exceptional personality, and yet I still felt kinda weird when he gifted me this box of surgical masks. He gave a pat on my shoulder and said two words, “Try it“.

So here I was, removing my own mask to put on a piece of Marvel Medical‘s surgical mask… Wow… the instant feel of Premium Quality! I kid you not; the quality was unlike any of those medical-grade surgical masks my wife had ever bought.

Being curious, I asked Tendy why he gave me this box of high-quality surgical masks as it must cost quite a bit, and to my surprise, it was very cost-efficient. He shared that this was something he ventured into and just want to share something great with his friends. I quickly shared with my wife about it as she had the eyes for details when it comes to things like these.

For the next few days, I stress-tested the masks during my workout session. Not only was it breathable, but it was also lightweight. I especially liked the soft elastic earloops on the mask. I managed a 3-km run at my normal jogging pace without difficulty. I also managed to complete a 20-min HIIT circuit with it without any issues.

Marvel Medical‘s surgical mask comes in two versions; Normal and Anti-Fog. If you are wearing glasses like I am right now (reading glasses), you will love the Anti-Fog version because it comes with an additional cushion that not only secures the mask better, it prevents the vapor from blurring your glasses.

3 ply 30 pcs AF

Made in Singapore, Marvel Medical‘s surgical masks is easily one of the most cost-effective disposable 3-ply face masks in the market. If you are looking to purchase, drop me a message and I will “link” you up!

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