Ebisoba Ichigen – Authentic Taste of Ramen in Hokkaido


You can choose one of 3 different type of soups, shrimp miso, shrimp salt and shrimp soy sauce

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Ebisoba Ichigen, which gives customers the authentic taste of ramen in Hokkaido that is blessed with various kinds of seafood, has its main shop located in Sapporo. As the name of this shop implies (“ebi” means shrimp and “soba” is what ramen used to be called), the ramen here comes with soup that tastes of sweet pink shrimp, and customers can choose between very thick and thin noodles. Both noodles draw out the flavours of the soup and those who have been to this place love the burst of shrimp flavours in their mouth when they slurp the noodles.

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shrimp miso, shrimp salt, shrimp soy sauce


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