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How to sew a 15cm doll’s body (Part 2)

Welcome to part 2 of ‘How to sew a 15cm doll’s body’. It’s my habit to sew the arms first.  Follow the red dotted line for the location of the stitches. Do the same for the other arm. Next, attach 1

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How to sew a 15cm doll’s body (Part 1)

Trace body templates, including chin using a piece of 28cm x 22cm velboa plush fabric in skin color. In the end, you will get: Chin x1 Body with embroidery (front) x1, Body A & B (back) x2 Arm (longer piece)

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Pinkmoon Personalised 15cm 1

[Personalised Dolls] What do you need to provide?

If you are interested to customise a 10cm or 15cm doll, send me an email at, subject title “Personalised Doll” with the following 8 fields: Your name Type: 10cm or 15cm Eye colors, maximum of 4 colors (select from here) Mouth color (medium pink is the

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