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Thinking of gifting someone special or treating yourself with a personalised, unique, and Instagrammable doll?

Have you ever thought of having a doll (e.g. a doll that looks like your K-pop bias) that is made according to your design; but turned off by the long waitlist and the need for minimum order quantity?

Here’s the good news!

I provide bespoke and customisation service for 10cm and 15cm dolls* (with clothes), with no minimum order quantity. The usual turnaround time for the bespoke doll is 2 weeks (10cm doll) and 4 weeks (15cm doll) after confirmation of the final design. Yes, you can just custom-made one doll and have it delivered fast!

However, please note that receiving my customisation service means you have read and accepted the “Terms & Conditions” and “Shipping & Returns” listed on this website as well as below mentioned “Note“.

If you are interested to customise a 10cm or 15cm doll, send me an email at cspinkmooncrafts@gmail.comsubject title “Personalised Doll” with the following 8 fields:

1. Your name
2. Type: 10cm or 15cm
3. Eye colors, maximum of 4 colors (select from here)
4. Mouth color (medium pink is the default color that I have been using for 10cm dolls Felix and Puddles)
5. Color, shape, and location of additional embroidery
6. Hair color code (select from here)
7. Attach a sketch (see here for sample sketch) of your desired bespoke 10cm or 15cm doll that includes but not limited to the eye patterns (complicated patterns are not recommended due to limited space), the shape of the eye, eyebrows, hairline pattern, the locations of mole(s), the shape of the mouth and any additional symbol embroidery (due to limited space, symbol embroidery is recommended) at the back of the doll’s body.  You can draw your doll on a piece of paper and take a photo of it.
8. Shipping destination


• I operate on faith and goodwill. Please contact me only if you are a serious buyer.
• All information provided by you will be deleted if you have decided not to pursue anymore or I reject your request.
• Although my dolls are not flawless and factory perfect, they are 100% handmade by me with the greatest attention to detail and shipped with extreme care.  Rest assured that I will not ship out my creations with glaring flaws.
• The customised doll may contain small parts, not suitable for ages 12 and below.
• Prices (10cm doll starts from S$40, 15cm doll starts from S$60) exclude shipping fees.  Please refer to “Shipping & Returns” for more information on the rates.
• Payment via PayPal only and it must be made in full before production.
• Photos of completed personalised dolls will be uploaded to my ‘pinkmoon_crafts’ Instagram account.  Please inform me if you would not like that.

*Customised 10cm doll’s head, body shape, and skin colour will be like all the dolls found in “Our Collections”.  Customised 15cm doll’s head, body shape and skin colour will be like the featured doll in graduation gown.

Pinkmoon Personalised 10cm Doll
Pinkmoon Personalised 10cm 1
Pinkmoon Personalised 10cm Dolls
Pinkmoon Personalised 15cm 2
Pinkmoon Personalised 15cm Doll

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