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Our Friendly Fishmonger, Lennon Ang

Lennon Ang

Most Popular

fresh prawns medium

Bang-bang Sea Prawns

Delicious Fresh Sea Prawns (medium) best served steamed.

≈ $27/kg

Delightful Salmon Trout

Best served in any cuts. Delightfully filled with Omegas.

≈ $31/kg

Simply La-La-licious

Mouth-watering clams that are simple La-La-licious!

≈ $5/pk

Mackerel Saba Fish

Batang Saba Mackeral

Fresh Batang (medium) best served grilled or in sliced fish soup.

≈ $23/kg

Cod Fish Fillet

Queen of Cods

Savour her royalness in steak cuts. Rich in lean protein & Vit B-12.

≈ $75/kg

Pomfret pom pi pi

Pomfret Pom-pi-pi

Choice of Golden, Black or Chinese. Best served steamed.

≈ $32/kg

FREE DELIVERY - Purchase > S$123

Deep Sea Catch of the Day varies with time and tide (that include the price stated)
… so we will accommodate as much as we can.

Do WhatsApp Us @ 97638363 before placing your order.
Orders above S$123 will be entitled to FREE DELIVERY!

Please also add in your requirement on the Type of Cut you need:
– Whole (no cut)
– Butterfly (cut into open half)
– Fillet (de-bone)
– Steak Cut (with bone)
– Sashimi (thin slices)

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Started off with the topic on “How can we help more people create a Shopping Annuity?”

Lennon replied: “I sell seafood, you sell food that people see. Maybe we can sell Lennon’s Seafood and help everyone to create Shopping Annuity!”

Me (Calgorix): “Let’s do it!”

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