How to sew a 15cm doll’s face (Part 1)

Welcome to part 1 of ‘How to sew a 15cm doll’s face’.

Draw doll’s face using heat erasable fabric pen on water soluble paper. Make sure the paper and velboa fabric (I used 22cm x 22cm) are secured tightly (but not too tight as the facial features might get out of shape) in the embroidery hoop. Embroidery takes a lot of time. So, your patience is worth it.

Proceed with the hair (I used 22cm x 22cm) after you have finished the face. Working on hair is very cumbersome. It took me a while to cut out the shape and secure it together with the fabric and hoop. I would sew the hair together with the face fabric so that they won’t get out of shape. Usually my hair style will be different from my sketch. Lol. But still looked decent. The beauty of using heat erasable pen is that you can use hair dryer to erase undesirable patterns! And you can reuse the water soluble paper as long as it fits well inside the hoop. Sew the hairline as drawn. Once again, it takes a lot of time using hand sewing…

Tear away the paper once you are done with all the sewing. I would usually do another round of touch-ups in case I missed some spots.

Rest well after sewing the hair and face!

Note: I used 22cm x 22cm fabric for face and hair as I would usually cut out the doll’s body parts using those pieces. But in my earlier tutorial, I had to use another piece of fabric to demonstrate how much fabric would all parts require.

~ Pinkmoon Crafts


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