How to attach a 15cm doll’s head to body

Welcome to ‘How to sew a 15cm doll’s head to body’.

Fill the head with polyester stuffing. Try to make the head as round as possible. Be generous with the stuffing, otherwise the face will look ‘deflated’/ ‘wrinkled’.

The head should be full like this. Get ready to attach the body to the head. I prefer to sew the front of the body (red dotted line) to the head (green dotted line) as shown below. Take out some stuffing if you find it hard to sew. Remember to replenish the stuffing after you are done with sewing.

Sew the red dotted lines using hidden stitches after you have filled up the body with stuffing.

Congratulations! You have made your first doll!

Thanks for following my tutorials 🙂

~ Pinkmoon Crafts


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