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Ichigen Ebisoba has arrived!

Talk Talk Only...

Ichigen Ebisoba has arrived!

Ebisoba is a shrimp based ramen which is getting very popular in Japan these days.  Ichigen is a very famous ramen shop known for the shrimp based ramen in Sapporo.  There are two shops in Sapporo, located in Susukino and New Chitose Airport.  You can try it before you go home or as soon as you pass the arrival gate.

There are three kinds of soups to choose from, they are a regular (Sono mama) shrimp based straight soup, ‘Hodohodo’ a straight soup mixed with tonkatsu soup, or ‘Ajiwai’ very similar to ‘Hodohodo’ but thicker.  You can also choose thick or thin noodles.  Without a doubt, you will become addicted to this rich shrimp flavoured soup.


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TIP:  How to prepare a delicious bowl of “Hokkaido Ramen”:

1.  Prepare boiled water in a pot.
2.  Put noodle in the pot after the water is boiled and keep it boiling for approximately 5 minutes
3.  For ramen soup, please open the packet written with “スープ” (Soup base) and pour it in a bowl while boiling the noodle.
4.  Add boiled water (separately boiled) into the soup base to finalise ramen soup.
5.  Put the cooked noodle into the ramen soup on “4” and add packet labeled ‘えび油’ (Shrimp oil) into it.
6.  You can add boiled egg, thin roasted pork, seaweed and green onions per your preference.

*The most important thing to cook this ramen is separately boiling between noodle and soup. It is different from the way of cooking for general type of instant noodle.   Hope you enjoy Sapporo ramen!

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