Talk Talk Only...

HAPPIE MAT is now Available!

Talk Talk Only...

HAPPIE MAT is now Available!

Thanks for your kind patience!   I am pleased to announce that Happie Mat by JC:17 a.k.a. The Happie Co. is now available for sale!

BPA FREE Chile Placemat 1

These mats are uniquely crafted to for your little ones to improve their finer motor skills while enjoying their snacks or meals in delectable coloured Happie Mats. 

Using FDA Approved Material, these Happie Mats are BPA-Free & PVC-Free and Microwave Friendly.  Carefully designed to be safe for “dining abuse” using Non-slip Food Grade Silicone.

Click here to order yours today!

Amazon is selling something similar under the brand of EZPZ for US$29.90 ex-shipping, and an upcoming baby fair will be selling it at S$42.00 (UP: S$59.00)

Q. Is this an imitation of the EZPZ Mats?
A. NO, this is a private label product; we redesigned the product by first stripping away cost-inefficient packaging and shipping and then minimising marketing cost via straight-through M2C (Manufacturer to Consumer), which improves product quality with the same costs.

Q. What material is used to produce this mats?
A. FDA Approved Food Grade Silicone, BPA-Free, Non-slip

Q. What colours do you have?
A. Four colours; Blue, Green, Red, and Pink

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