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FREE E-book: Dust Mite Allergy

Talk Talk Only...

FREE E-book: Dust Mite Allergy

Braven allergy

This may not be something that concerns you personally but it could be a life-saver to those in need.

You will notice that the little boy’s eyes are swollen and watery.  He had Dust Mite allergy and the picture was taken when the attack happened.  Itchiness and welling redness around the eyes are typical symptoms of such a condition.

This is my Son, Braven, who is currently in Nursery 2.  At the tender age of 2, he suffered his first attack.  Unknown of his condition, we rushed him to the E.R. for immediate consultation.  After waiting for about 30mins, he was given a jab of anti-histamine. It took another 2 hours before the swelling and irritation subsided.

During a unrelated consultation with Braven’s Paediatrician, we sought the doctor’s advice on his condition and he suggested that we bring Braven for an allergy test to isolate what the allergen was.


During this test, Braven was diagnosed with a case of Dust Mite allergy.

Given his other pre-existing condition, G6PD, we had to be more careful on his new found allergy and researched substantially on his Dust Mite allergy and how it could affect his health.  Fortunately, Dust Mite allergy can be avoid if certain steps are taken to avoid it.

I have put together a E-book to help you or your friends understand more about the condition and hopefully help those little ones who are suffering from the same condition.  If you would like a copy of the E-book, please append your email in the box below:

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Today, he no longer needs to be rushed the E.R. whenever he has an attack.  This is him just two hours after taking this.

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