Talk Talk Only...

Fishy Story – Part 1: Salmon

Talk Talk Only...

Fishy Story – Part 1: Salmon

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Spent the morning with a fishmonger today learning about his business and found out quite a few interesting facts.  Here are three less known facts that caught me by surprise!

1.  Did you know:  There are more than 10 species of Salmon, and they are either FARMED or WILD
– FARMED:  Millions of fish we eat today are bred, raised and grown in freshwater or ocean pens
– Wild-caught salmon are born, grown and caught in the wild, typically with long lines or drift nets.

2.  Did you know:  Wild Salmon cannot be sold FRESH in Singapore?
– Wild Salmon can only be sold frozen in Singapore, sellers violating this may be fined S$20,000 by Authorities.

3.  Did you know:  Salmon that we eat may actually be a SEA TROUT
– Sea trout is essentially a trout that is brought up in fresh water, migrates to the sea at about two years old and develops glands that allow it to survive in salt water.

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