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Ecommerce – Shopify

Talk Talk Only...

Ecommerce – Shopify

If you are just starting your own eCommerce store in recent months, chances are that you have been shared one of the easiest PnP (Plug & Play) eCommerce store builder, Shopify.

Shopify offers a comprehensive eCommerce store builder complete with hundreds of templates ready to go right out of the box.  All templates can be customised with images, logos, text, and videos to complement your business needs.  Once you have chosen your template (theme), you can start selling your products or services right away with the Shopify’s built-in shopping carts.

Shopify integrates numerous payment gateways (including Shopify Payments powered by Stripe) with checkouts in more than 50 languages, which makes it easy to sell products to customers anywhere in the world.

Because Shopify offers a comprehensive marketing suite, businesses find it easy to scale and get in front of new audiences.  The platform offers SEO features, like customisable headlines, titles, and meta tags, so eCommerce sites can rank high in search results.  Customers are able to post SEO-friendly product reviews, which also work wonders for building a business’s credibility.

SO, how do you get started? Try registering for a 14-day trial for FREE here.  Once you have done that you can also claim your 2-hour FREE workshop on how to build a Shopping Annuity with your business.

Here’s a great clip to get you started:

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