Talk Talk Only...

Easter is Coming!

Talk Talk Only...

Easter is Coming!
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Easter Sunday happens next week on 16th April 2017.  How many of you will be taking time off for the long weekend?

While some of you may be thinking of a vacation within Southeast Asia (my favourite spot will be in Bangkok), others may prefer a staycation.  Whatever your decision may be, do check out my previous blog on how you can save $ on your next hotel accommodations booking.

Now, back to Easter holiday, what would it be if there were no sweet tidings to share on this special weekend?  Goodies like Chocolates and Bunny Gummies are the crucial ingredients to a great Easter celebration.  With that in mind, I would like to point your attention to our exclusive – TOKYO Roll Chocolat!

Roll Choco 1

“In my mouth it turned to liquid and let me discover new pleasure. Once it was finished, all eaten, my heart ached for more. I was in love with chocolate more than I had ever been before.” – Ronnie

Absolutely breathtaking, these hand-crafted sweetness from Tokyo is way better than what you have ever tasted; melts in your mouth and warms the heart.  An excellent gift to your best of friends!

Roll Choco 3

“Placed in the mouth, the silky-smooth texture that comes forth brings nothing but pure bliss.” – William

Each box is filled with 200g of 5 unique flavours:
– Chocolate
– Mix chocolate
– White chocolate
– Mocha
– Green Tea

Place your orders today to avoid disappointment this Easter!  Easter is Coming!

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