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E-Payment Gateways – Part 2

Talk Talk Only...

E-Payment Gateways – Part 2


If you are expecting more comparisons with other E-Payment Gateways in this post, I am afraid I will have to disappoint you.  Cos, I will instead be sharing the necessary documentations you require for the set up to minimise disruption.

Both PayPal and Stripe set up is pretty easy as it did not require me to have business registration details added for withdrawal.  However, SmoovPay requires you to upload your ACRA Bizfile Documentation (you can purchase a copy for S$5.50) and a electronic copy of your NRIC or Passport.

I recommend the following 5-steps for smoother integration of SmoovPay on your eCommerce site (I am using WordPress/WooCommerce as a reference):

1.  Set up SmoovPay Account
2.  Update Business Profile and Withdrawal Assessment
3.  Click on Merchant Settings to download SmoovPay plugin for WooCommerce (Opencart, Magento supported as well)
4.  Head to WordPress, install SmoovPay plugin
5.  Setup Merchant ID & Secret Key

With that, you are almost done with the set up.  You should be able to go LIVE once you receive approval from SmoovPay.

Hope the above helps!  🙂

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