Webinar: How to Small-Talk your way to a 6-figure Annual Income

Webinar OnlineWhat is it?  This is a topic which i am very familiar with as i have used it to secure my 12-year career in the financial industry. I have also scored multi-million dollars deals with clients using this unique 6-step methodology, EGADIM.

How will it benefit me?  In this webinar, I will be sharing with you how to structure your conversations to extract important information using a special template I perfected so you can apply the EGADIM formulae for any businesses. This webinar is FREE.

  • UPSELL: One-to-One Coaching @ S$100/hour
  • BONUS #1:  Step-by-Step Run-through of my Special Template
  • BONUS #2:  You will be added to a Secret FB Group for additional support
  • BONUS #3:  You will also learn how to build a 6-figure Annuity funded purely by Shopping

Who is this for?  Anyone who wants to propel their career or business to the next level should not miss this.  Professionals in the Banking, Real Estate, Financial Planning and MLM business are most suited for this webinar though.

When is this held?  Friday, 3rd Feb 2017, at 9:30pm (45mins)

Why should i attend?  If you have problems striking a conversation with strangers, you need to attend this.  If you don’t know how to carry a conversation for the next 5 minutes with a new prospect, you will need to attend this.  If you have no idea how to extract useful information that can help you towards a sales close, you absolutely need to attend this.

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CNY Tradition 2017

CNY Terrex 2017

This is Chinese tradition; if you owe people something (e.g. money, favor etc) you will need to return it before the lunar new year to avoid bad luck!  Glad that the issue on our Terrex is finally behind us.

Happy Chinese New Year in 2017!

CNY Rooster Family Portrait 2017

Today is the 1st day of the Rooster year according to the lunar calendar used by the Chinese.   It is also a joyous occasion where blessings, in the form of red packets (or Ang Bao) are given from elders in the family to the young ones.  There will usually be elaborated get-togethers among family and friends, enjoying each others’ company and a great spread of snacks and goodies.

Day 1 of Chinese New Year (CNY) has been great so far, was able to exchange good conversations with relatives who i have not met for a while; most of us are so engaged with work that we tend to disengage from the social parts of our lives except for FB postings which keep us updated on each others’ life events.

As there will be more visitations lined up this afternoon, i shall leave updates for later.  Here’s wishing all who celebrates CNY as prosperous and joyous new year filled with good health and wealth!

Huat Ah!