Talk Talk Only...

A Eventful Day to Remember

Talk Talk Only...

A Eventful Day to Remember

I was out and running since 8:00am this morning, rushing to my senior partner’s home for an online business training webinar which starts at 9:00am.  What caught my interest was how humble those two speakers were; they shared all their trade secrets to building a successful 6-digit monthly residual income over this 1.5hours webinar, no holds bar!

With my next appointment starting at 11:00am, I hitched a ride from a fellow business partner leaving for Clement as i need to be at Clementi West Street 2.  I was so lucky to be caught in the rain right after alighting… Haha…  So i ended up 10 minutes late fro my appointment.  This meeting location brought back memories of my late father.

After lunch, i made my way to Geylang East Central for a school project teaching CCA to a bunch of primary school kids.  This projected lasted about 2 hours but it was another trip down memory late with my late father.  It so happened that my dad used to operate his photo imaging business in those locations between 1980-90s.  Being there made me missed him.

Right after this school project, I made my way to my next appointment which was a job interview to be a fitness trainer with a Functional fitness gym located at Amoy Street.  Spent the next 4 hours there exercising, learning teaching cues, and even had the opportunity to conduct warm-up for the class.  This concept gym was introduced to me in 2013 by an ex-colleague whom had moved back to Australia.  At that time, we were contemplating of bringing this franchise to Singapore but fell short due to exorbitant rents of commercial space.

After the exhausting  session at the gym, i made my way to my in-law’s place, only to see my boy with a huge bruise on his forehead.  He was playing Superman, jumping from one bed to another, knocking his forehead on the edge of the bed frame.  Fortunately, the bed frame was cushioned, else he would probably need stitches.

Braven NG

So, why is this an eventful day to me?  Well, when you give meaning to living, it will always be eventful!  Cheers everyone!

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