Updates – Pricing as of 29th Jan 2019 (for Reference only)

Golden Snapper 红皂

Prices, as seen on the left of each line, is S$/Kg. We can’t confirm with you the actual pricing as it moves daily due to CNY supply n demand. So the prices below are solely for reference.

Mark with ? are farm fishes:

11 Ikan Kuning
13 Saba
?16 Golden pomfret
?16 Seabass
?23.8 S Red snapper
?25 B Red snapper 1.5 to 2.5kg
27 White snapper/ Ang Goli
25 Batang
?26 M Farm sea prawn
36 M Wild sea prawn
39 L Wild sea prawn
41 K Wild sea prawns
50 M Chinese pomfret 400g to 500g
68 L Chinese pomfret 600g to 900g
58 M Red grouper 500g to 800g
60 B Red grouper 1.5kg to 3.5kg
75 Cod
?32 salmon trout
65 Malaya threadfin

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