Did You Know? RabbitFish is a Must-Have for Chinese New Year!

Rabbitfish CNY must have

There are a bunch of “must-dos” during Chinese New Year and this is something i personally did not know of until Mrs. #CommandoFishmonger sent me a picture of a commonly available fish, the RabbitFish.

Easily found from the West Pacific to the Eastern shores of the Indian Ocean, the RabbitFish measures about 15-20cm long and are eaten regularly by locals in Singapore. Very popular among Teochews, the fish is usually served steamed with ginger strips and Hua Diao wine. 

During Chinese New Year, serving the RabbitFish for reunion dinner is especially popular. I was told that for only a few days in a year, the rabbit fish sold in local markets are full of creamy roe or milt (fish semen). This is the period when the RabbitFish get ready to spawn and loses the bitter taste in their stomach. It is believed that eating the rabbit fish when its stomach is full of roe or milt is a sign of prosperity.

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Catch of the Day – Guess the Ugly Fish

the ugly fish

Can you name the fish in the image above? According to Mrs. #CommandoFishmonger, this is the ugliest fish on her menu. However, the meat of this fish is amazing!

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