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Limiting the use of coins in Singapore!

Limit use of coins SG

Don’t say no one tell you because I am sharing this on my blog now!  Lol… 😛

Just saw a FB post today where a friend of mine was “slammed” for paying with 4 x 5cents coins.  Yet we are here debating how much the maximum amount for a single transaction.  Bear in mind there is always two sides to a coin; I suspect this is prompted to drive the citizens towards cashless or e-payment, which is a natural progression in the world we live in now.

While there seems to be some temporary inconvenience, the fact of matter is that we dun normally pay with that much coins in one transaction anyway.  So, let’s get over it already. 🙂


Bak Kwa – Lagi Best!

Ladies n Gentlemen, anyone wanna order Bak Kwa? I know it’s not CNY season, but no one say it has to be a Festive Protein! Savour into appropriately sweetened and tender BBQ taste of pork which most of my friends it is considered Lagi Best Bak Kwa in Singapore?

Here it is:
1. Traditional 500g/1kg – S$12/24
2. Chilli 500g/1kg – S$14/28
3. Sliced 500g/1kg – S$15/30
4. Gold Coin 500g/1kg – S$15/30

Who is in? Self-collection at Chinatown. I will help you place order cos I earn points. ? WhatsApp me your order to 97638363 (Calvin).

Bak Kwa 1 Bak Kwa 2 Bak Kwa 3 Bak Kwa 4

Free delivery for orders above S$420 to one location only. ?

How Large Would Your Retirement Income Be?

Have you ever asked yourself how large your retirement income will be when the time comes?

When i asked this question to some of my friends, i received a variety of answers.  Most of them said that they do not know when retirement will be so they would not know how large it will be.  Ironically, some said they will have to work till they die.  Some others said that it will be the time when the government stop extended the retirement age.  They all sounded as if there is no choice.

If you have the luxury of having a financial planner working that out for you, you should be in a good financial shape than 75% of the population.  Most of us, however, may not necessarily have adequate savings to last six months after leaving the workforce.  And this is a serious situation.

But what if there is a way to secure one’s retirement income by embracing the power of technology, and more specifically the power of E-Commerce?  Without diluting your savings or investments, you can now super-charge your retirement income, building an annuity via this 25-year proven business model.

By converting your current expenses into payable credits compounded over 2 – 3 years, you can build a Shopping Annuity which provides you between S$375 – S$4500/week.  I will be attending a preview on this next Tuesday, 21st March 2017, 7:30 – 9pm.  If you are keen to join me to learn more, please fill up the following form below:

[contact-form-7 id=”268″ title=”Shopping Annuity Preview – 21 Mar 2017″]

HAPPIE MAT is now Available!

Thanks for your kind patience!   I am pleased to announce that Happie Mat by JC:17 a.k.a. The Happie Co. is now available for sale!

BPA FREE Chile Placemat 1

These mats are uniquely crafted to for your little ones to improve their finer motor skills while enjoying their snacks or meals in delectable coloured Happie Mats. 

Using FDA Approved Material, these Happie Mats are BPA-Free & PVC-Free and Microwave Friendly.  Carefully designed to be safe for “dining abuse” using Non-slip Food Grade Silicone.

Click here to order yours today!

Amazon is selling something similar under the brand of EZPZ for US$29.90 ex-shipping, and an upcoming baby fair will be selling it at S$42.00 (UP: S$59.00)

Q. Is this an imitation of the EZPZ Mats?
A. NO, this is a private label product; we redesigned the product by first stripping away cost-inefficient packaging and shipping and then minimising marketing cost via straight-through M2C (Manufacturer to Consumer), which improves product quality with the same costs.

Q. What material is used to produce this mats?
A. FDA Approved Food Grade Silicone, BPA-Free, Non-slip

Q. What colours do you have?
A. Four colours; Blue, Green, Red, and Pink

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