Spartan Trifecta – Finisher of Class 2016

Sunday, 12th March 2017 (Semenyih, KL, Malaysia) – Finally got my hands on this long overdue reward for the hard work put into training. I would like to share this achievement with my teammates, Melvin Kuah, Kevin Koh (Spartan Sprint, Spartan Super), Chua Weng Foo, Edward Lim, and Elliot New (Spartan Beast) ?

I set the goal to complete my #SpartanTrifecta after my #SpartanSprint race in Nov 2015, and completed both #SpartanSuper & #SpartanBeast before I turned 40 years old.  Call it mid-life crisis, it feels good to be alive and doing things that challenge your living.

I am looking for teammates to join me in the next race in Singapore, in May 2017.  If you are interested, visit today! ?

Spartan Trifecta Calvin Ng Singapore